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Jorge talks about. . .

Good friends vs. Bad Influences

Good friends by my definition, are people that stick with you through times of need when your at your worst and at your best...people you can trust , admire, and respect. Bad influences are people that have nothing else in their life but to ruin others. Since their life is already gone they take people down with them and the best thing to do is just avoid them. Sometimes people lose sight of their goals and one of the main reasons is bad influences . So when it comes to the choice of which to choose I think the answer is obvious....but then again everyone has a seperate definition of obvious.

Importance of being yourself

When it comes to being yourself you have to first of all...tune out all the haters in your life. Honestly no one can tell you how to be yourself, because obviously I'm not you. But I can tell you how to "find yourself" so to speak. Blocking those critics main first step and afterwards just look for what you like let it be clothes, shoes, or knick-knacks. It all falls back to you and your preferances.

Saying NO to drugs

Well to start out I don't want to discuss this subject because their are many ignorant views and it's a(n) cliche of a subject but i'm being forced to write this one. Well my ignorant view is "drugs kill"...OPINION. What people choose to keep in the shadows is that drugs are not only consistent of "crack" and "Mary Jane". Pills for the elderly, medication for children with A.D.D, and many many more. When it comes down to it drugs have their highlights and fails. Just like people have outcasts drugs have "crack". So it's simple avoid the bad drugs and prevent addiction, depression, and death and trade those consequences in for the appropriate prescription and dosage amount recommended by a doctor. Sounds simple doesn't it?