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Jorge's Fav. Foods!


My favorite breakfast is scrambled eggs with crispy bacon. Bacon isn't healthy but it sure is scrumptious.Eggs taste great when they're sunny-side up. I like to eat juicy bacon strips marinated in honey sauce mustaaaaard. Yee-Haaaaaw giddy up. Im texan like that. YEE-HAW!


My favorite lunch meal is a bacon cheese burger or a regular hamburger. I like the taste of juicy meat with ketchup and two,keep in mind TWO, buns toasted to perfection. Hamburgers have perfect taste perfect blend of vegetables, bread, and meat.


I LOVE steak with potatoes and a side of rice. I love my steak medium rare with a leaf of cilantro on the top. I my potatoes mashed to perfection with a sweet taste. I absolutely must have my rice golden soft and savery, marinated with steak sauce.


I love to have cookies and cream ice cream for my desert.