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You could be walking down the street and not even notice the math, science, or even history embedded within the area your in. People think that to make it in life you need to get all the education in the world out of school, and it's partially true school is an essential need but it doesn't offer everything. Education can be found all around you sometimes even in your own home. Street smarts for example are thought usually to be second rate but honestly give me one example when algebra is going to help you get out of a fight. A lot of information is stored within history...well your family has history so why not ask your grandparents for one of their most avoided stories that puts everyone to sleep, even those anecdotes can be powerful information in the future. So stir in my thoughts for a moment realize that education is all around you, you just have to open your mind to the world. So the next time someone tells you "wanna hear a story", listen up it might just be the next road down to genius.