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Bullying what does this mean to you? It could mean nothing to you but then again you could be in denial or in some sort of depression, which can be a few causes of being a victim to bullying. Now if you are suffering any one of those symptoms well I'm here to tell you your not alone. There are many people who are constantly being bullied. But what they usually always ignore is that those "bullies" are insecure children who have just as low a self esteem as you might have been given. The best way to ween of parasites like that is to just ignore them. But if they keep bothering you well what's left to do...You talk back, you turn them on the defensive rather than the offensive. Now I'm not saying you become the bully yourself, but I'm not saying you stand by either. Bullies are like a pandemic disaster and what best to do during a pandemic but stop the disease. You may have to cower and hide at times but I can assure you again and again that eventually bullies will be pushed to the edge of extinction. But what better way to intimidate bullies than to have your own "crew".... there are many victims in the world and all we have to do is unite.